Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Blurb #28: The Dumpster Genie

Welcome to Book Blurb Friday, where 150 words must sell your story.

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Write a book jacket blurb (150 words or less) so enticing that potential readers would feel compelled to buy the book.

Below is this week's "book cover," generously offered for our creative blurbs by my son Joey. My book blurb follows:

The Dumpster Genie
(149 words)

Homeless drunkard Otis Figg is pretty sure the dumpster graffiti isn’t really talking to him. He recognizes a hallucination—which he dubs the Dumpster Genie—when he sees it.

But what happens when the predictions of the Dumpster Genie come true? Like the collision of two city buses and a local preacher caught inflagrante delicto with the mayor’s wife behind the Dairy Delight?

All Otis wants when he dishes to a reporter is money for hooch; he lands in the national spotlight instead.

Otis is unprepared for the flood of people, from down-and-outs to up-and-comings (and some already-theres), who want their futures predicted. But the Dumpster Genie only talks to Otis, making Otis the most reluctant—and petulant—prophet of all time.

The Dumpster Genie is a fun romp that pokes fun at the national media and reality T.V. Read it only if you aren’t afraid to laugh yourself!

This one wrote itself for me this week. That goofy little guy on the dumpster told me what to write. Cross my heart. 

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Here is our "book cover" for next week's Book Blurb Friday #29, graciously provided by Kay Davies.

This is quite different from any of the other "book covers" we've had. Thanks Kay!

See you on Monday for microfiction. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Okay, mine's up. It's a mystery, but the blurb was a fun write. Yours sounds like a great giggle to read. I'd buy your book.
    Thanks for choosing my photo for next week, Lisa. I'm going to try to forget where I was, and try to see it as someone else's photo.
    Cheers — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. What a creative spin this took! Can I talk to Otis too? LOL! I was also looking at the drawing, but decided to give it a more angelic nature...

  3. It looked hard, but something ridiculous cried out to be written! Your story is intriguing.

  4. Otis Figg -- great name, and it totally fits the scenario. So, who will play Otis in the movie?

  5. 'petulant prophet' is wonderful as is the whole idea of this book. And from thinking 'no way' when I first looked at the photo to a finished idea had to be the quickest yet for me - well done to Joseph for such a subtly- and variously-inspiring photograph

  6. Lisa I love your take on this, I'd read it just for the laughs it promises. I can already tell this week is going to have a wide variety of stories.

  7. This would make a greta TV series, What Does Otis Know? Why don't you pitch this to the honchos? Love it.

  8. Oh, I love love love this! The names, the petulant prophet, everything!!! This would make a great screenplay!

  9. A gift for creating characters, you have. Has been lively and funny, start to finish. It has been fun giving it a try myself. Yes, first timer!

    - Seasons (Am a new follower, and can't comment with my default profile)

  10. Hi Lisa! I would love to read your whole book and think that you should write this one. Think of all the characters that you could weave into it. I'm sure it would be very fun to write.

    I went for a whole different angel, and maybe should have used another title, but I do think the book would be timely and worthwhile.

    Have a fun weekend,

    Kathy M.

  11. Great blurb, and I love the name Otis Figg. Ohhhh, the mayor's wife. What scandal.
    Donna V.

  12. Great fun. Loved the video and Otis Figg.

  13. Lisa,
    This is so clever and funny. Loved it! Thanks for stopping by today.


  14. Very cute...I'd buy it!
    Blessings, Joanne

  15. Oh my what a great blurb--from the character names to the characters themselves. You definitely need to work on this. Really.


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