Monday, March 30, 2009

That's So Punny

Every morning I put on my game face and drive my daughter and her friend to high school. At 6:30 a.m. none of us is ready for prime time and the drive is quiet. Today was different, though, and reminded me that fun can be had, even at that ungodly hour of the day.

It was a case of this-leads-to-this-leads-to-that, a round robin conversation that included New York's Central Park and the detectives from Law & Order SVU. I said that with my luck any cop who interviewed me would look more like Boss Hogg than Elliot Stabler. My daughter decided that Boss Hogg would have to be a doughnut eater, and my daughter's friend obliged the silly stereotype by decreeing that the precinct would then be a Dunkin' Donuts. And the puns began:

"There's a criminal! Is he nicer than the other criminals or is he crueller?"

"I dunno, but we've got a sticky situation here."

"The perp must be on drugs...his eyes are glazed!"

And so it rolled until I dropped them off, all us giggling and snorting like we'd just scored breakfast with Robin Williams.

I'm not claiming that our sorry puns were worthy of a SNL skit; but our laughter--well, we egged each other on, and once the chortling began it didn't matter that we were awake at "sparrow fart" or that they are teenagers and I'm an old bagger (oops...mature woman) climbing the peak toward 50. In that short space of time we were just cackling humanoids having a silly, rollicking good time. I admit, my behavior was not scholarly or mature, but it was a great way to begin a Monday.

That's my story (plain, not sugar coated) and I'm sticking to it.

See ya -

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Writing in the Buff

As I logged into my oh-so-new blog this afternoon I was struck by the irony of my blog title. The notion of actually, you know, writing in the buff, is enough to swear me off of writing ever again. I don't mind being sans clothes in certain instances, but me sitting at my computer to write naked is not a pretty visual. In truth, there aren't too many 40-something ladies I know who would embrace of letting everything flap in the air conditioned breeze while they pound the keyboard.

That led me to wonder who in the over-40 crowd might actually write a blog in her birthday suit. I suppose Demi Moore could do it without blinking; Madonna probably does it all the time. Sadly, I am not built like either Demi or Madonna, so I make the solemn promise to never type my blog unless fully clothed. Consider my "Writing in the Buff" declaration to be only metaphorical. So help me God. Really.

Now that I have that out of the way, let me say that I look forward to writing future postings and hope to hear from other women who nod in agreement when reading my comments, hopefully with a knowing smirk on their lips.

Since this blog is a newbie, I'm still adding stuff, like the Useful Links for Ladies. Please check back for updates, or log in as a follower. That would be cool, too.

Til next time -

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm a Virgin!

After 29 years of marriage and three kids it feels a little weird to admit it, but here goes: I am a virgin. Okay, okay, not that kind of virgin. I am that most elusive of all virgins in this techno society. I am a Blog Virgin. Yup, this is my first time, and if you are reading this then you are sharing this experience with me. (How many other virgins can promise you that?)

I may be new to the blogging world, but I'm an old hand at writing, so this is a bit like two worlds colliding. I hope the result will be a blog success of Big Bang proportions. We writers dream of stuff like that.

Now, my husband long ago declared me to be a technological airhead and I've not disabused him of this notion. After all, I can't turn on the TV and satellite network without instructions from my 15-year-old daughter. I don't watch TV very often, not because I find it to be a pointless waste of valuable time, but because I have no clue how to work the remotes. There are four of them and they are covered with buttons. I may as well be at the helm of the Starship Enterprise.

However, despite my technological challenges, I am jumping into the Internet blogging pool, and for any who stumble upon my ramblings I hope that what you find here makes you smile enough that you come back for more. These are stressful and crazy times; if my musings provide a brief respite for you then I will consider the effort worthwhile. Check back in a day or so and see what view I skew!

Til next time,